Setting Up a Public Google Calendar

1. Log into your Google Calendar or create a new account here: Google Login

If you are already logged into your Google Account, you can click this link: Google Calendar.

If your browser opens into Gmail, click the Google Apps square of nine little dots in the upper right corner and click on the calendar icon.

Google Apps

2. Once on the Calendar Page, click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner and click on Settings to go to the Calendar Settings page. 

3. You should now be Calendar Settings page. Click on Add Calendar Drop Down Arrow about half way down on the column on the left.

Add Calendar

4. After clicking the drop down arrow, four more choices will appear. Click on Create New Calendar.

Create New Calendar Option

5. After clicking Create New Calendar, a new group of boxes will come up on the screen.

Enter the Name, Description, and adjust the Time Zone if it is not correct.

When you are finished entering the information, click on Create Calendar.

Calendar Name and Description

6. Once the calendar is created, click the Back Arrow in the upper left corner to the right of the word Settings to return to your calendar page.

You should now see your new calendar you just created under My Calendars.

Hover over the name of the new calendar and Three Vertical Dots will appear. Click on the Three Vertical Dots to go to the calendar options.


New Calendar Options

7. After clicking the Three Vertical Dots, another menu will pop up. There are four options including changing the color of the calendar.

Click on Settings and Sharing in the pop up menu.

Settings and Sharing

8. Once on the Settings page of your new calendar, scroll down to Access Permissions. Click on the box next to Make Available To Public.

When you do, a notice will pop up that the calendar will now be available to the world. Click OK.

After clicking OK, the pop up will go away and you will see a check in the box next to Make Available To Public.

Make Public Box Public Warning Message Public Box Checked

9. After making the calendar public, scroll down the page again until you reach Integrate calendar

Under Calendar ID, there will be a group of letters and numbers followed by

Copy this line in its entirity and send it to the First State Equine Help Desk by submitting a ticket HERE.

Upon receiving the ticket with the Calendar Id, we will add it to our calendar.

Integrate Calendar

10. Once we have added your calendar to our calendar, you are all set to go.

As you add events to you calendar, the events will automatically show on the First State Equine Community Calendar for eveyone to see. Any changes you make to your events (updates, corrections, etc.) will update the event on our calendar as well.

Please be patient, changes, additions, corrections, etc. MAY NOT BE IMMEDIATE. It may take several minutes for the calendar to update.

If you need help setting up your calendar, are having issues with your events appearing on our calendar, or anything else related to the calendar WE WILL ASSIST YOU FREE OF CHARGE.

To get help, please submit a ticket to our Help Desk by ckicking HERE.

Thank you, and we look forward to helping you spread the word about your events.