Spotlight Page Terms & Conditions

If you would like to be placed on one of the Spotlight pages, with a web link back to your site (Just a quick note, there is NO COST to have your organization or business appear on the Spotlight Pages!), please provide First State Equine with the below list of information by submitting a ticket at MTK Support

Please submit the following information for your spotlight on First State Equine:

  1. Name
  2. Digital picture or logo at least 500 x 500 pixels or larger. (FSE will resize the provided file to fit the site as needed).
  3. Days and hours of operation, if appropriate.
  4. Location i.e. physical address, if appropriate.
  5. Contact phone number and email address. (recommend a general phone number and email address that will remain the same over time)
  6. A 400 to 600 word write up highlighting all of the great things you doe for or provide to the equine community. (Please DO NOT DUPLICATE content exactly from your current website. Doing so will probably result in Duplicate Content Search Engine Penalties for both our sites)
  7. Official web address should be your first choice to include for the link back to your site in the form of Should you only have a FaceBook or other social media site, please include the most direct link possible back to your page.
  8. A list of three to 5 categories (tags) identifying you what you provide.

I would like to reiterate that there is NO COST to be listed on the website. FSE does realize dynamics change from year to year, therefore FSE will update your Spotlight page at NO COST provided the changes are requested and provided to FSE within +/- 15 days of your annual renewal date from the initial posting of the Spotlight.

If you would like to have your information updated outside of the annual 30 day timeframe for any reason, the cost will be the flat rate for One Hour of Support Time Billing which is currently $50 an hour each time a change is requested. Payment must be made in advance of the changes and you will only pay for one hour of time regardless of the time involved to make the changes. The Spotlight page may be updated as often as you like for the same flat rate for each change/update.