Delmarva Search and Rescue Group, Inc.

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DMVSAR is a volunteer search and rescue team which responds to requests by Law Enforcement Agencies for assistance for lost/missing persons.

The DMVSAR resources include ground searchers, trained search dogs, Equine Mounted Unit and search equipment.

Members of the DMVSAR Mounted Unit have many years’ experience in riding and horsemanship. Being able to read their mount’s body language, the rider is able to ascertain when something around them is unusual.  Added visibilities due to the mount’s height, as well as endurance, are 2 advantages of using equines in SAR work.  Other advantages include the equine’s ability to see well at night, have a keen sense of smell and excellent hearing.  Since equines can travel faster and further than most ground searchers, riders and their mounts can be extremely useful in hasty searches of trails, power lines and fields.  Equines can also take their riders into areas not easily accessible to vehicles.

You can visit our website at:

Dispatcher Phone: 1-410-541-6329

Hours of Operation: As needed and requested by Law Enforcement

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