About First State Equine

Awesome Kisses, or Ruckus, is an OTTB that we adopted from the SPCA in Camden, DE. He had a relatively lucrative racing care, but had been passed through 11 training facilities prior to finding his way home with us. He now spends his days lazily grazing with his “brothers” and trying to convince everyone at the farm that he is starving so he can be plied with treats!

Fully Reloaded, or Fred, (the chestnut with the blaze) is an OTTB we adopted from MidAtlantic Horse Rescue. Fred’s story is a sad one…He was pulled from New Holland by MidAtlantic. They nursed him back to health, and we then we found him! Fred tolerates adult riders, but he prefers our youngest son (12 years old). He will do anything that little boy asks him to do!

Big Mack Daddy, or Mack, (the liver chestnut) is another OTTB that we adopted from MidAtlantic Horse Rescue. Mack was donated to MidAtlantic by his former owner after his racing career was cut short due to a slab fracture. He is now a momma’s boy that is enjoying his second career as pleasure horse and ruling the pasture.

Our Three OTTBs